Work Experience Day 3- NHS Management

I am sat on the train home as I compose this, and I feel like such a commuter after a long day consisting of 10 train changes in total and nearly four hours of travelling. Tai is very TAIerd. So as a result of this, I have very little patience for loud people right now. Near me are a group of Spanish students who are literally shouting at each other and this is reaaaally irritating. I can understand some of what they’re saying too, which is probably what’s annoying me the most because I’ve tried to repress my Spanish. (I absolutely hated GCSE Spanish but alas, that’s a story for another day). I have a headache, your friends are right in front of you, YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOUT. Gosh.

Anyway, rant over.

My day has involved a lot of meetings and a lot of iPads. I’m still shadowing Dr B in London and since he’s a medical director, I was able to sit in on his meetings today. And there were iPads. iPads EVERYWHERE. Apparently they are just the must have tablet if you’re on the board/a commissioner/a consultant/some sort of director. So what I’m getting at is that most people had an iPad. What happened to good old fashioned note taking?

Anyhowzers, what have I learned today?

– Overspills are a serious, expensive problem, as running out of beds in wards means that patients have to get moved to beds in the private wing, costing the trust a lot of money.

– As you advance in medicine, there are a lot more meetings to attend, which I witnessed firsthand today as Dr B didn’t see any patients.

– Consultants can be arrogant as some of them believe that they can’t be wrong. Tensions were high in one of today’s meetings, so I hope that when I become a consultant (by God’s grace) I still remain humble and listen to correction.

– The main reasons for doctors getting in trouble with the law; money, fraud, alcohol, sex and drugs. Had a very interesting discussion with Dr B, where he gave me examples for each one from cases he had encountered in the past.

– As a psychiatrist, Dr B often has to assess criminals in police cases and give evidence in court, which he says is fun but can end up taking up a lot of his time.

– Doctors need to book their summer leave well in advance as problems arise when cover can’t be sorted for wards because the consultants are on holiday at thesame time.

And those are just a few of the many things I learnt today. Buzzing for tomorrow!

I am currently two stops away from home and I just can’t wait to sleeeeeeep. So close, yet so far away…


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