A Miracle and Change of Plans

Once upon a time there was a girl called Tai. Tai had a dream, and that dream was to study medicine to become a doctor. So she applied to ______, ______, _______, and __________. Unfortunately she was unsuccessful with her application as she got rejected by the first three without interview, and got rejected by ______ after interview.

Although she got offers from _______ and ________ for Medical Physiology & Therapeutics and Biomedical Sciences respectively, and they said she could do a year of those degrees then maybe get considered for medicine, she made the decision to decline both offers and take a gap year, as she didn’t want to get trapped doing a degree she wasn’t really interested in. This was not an easy decision for Tai though. In fact, inside knowledge tells me that she cried. A lot. I also hear through the grapevine that she listened to I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables, sang along and reflected on her failed dreams while crying. A lot.

Tai eventually came to her senses and realised how melodramatic she was being. She decided to focus her energy on her exams and planning her gap year, and this cheered her up a lot as she realised there was still hope; she could always try again next year.

Flash forward to the end of July. Tai had finished school and exams and was enjoying the holidays and work experience with Dr B. On the 27th of July she got an email from _______. They told her they had been very impressed with her during interview and although they hadn’t given her an offer, they would like to put her on the waiting list, meaning that she’d get an offer if space opened up after results day. So there was a chance she could go to medical school afterall! Tai didn’t tell anyone but her family about this, as there was still a chance she wouldn’t get an offer, so she started a new personal statement, prepared for the UKCAT and kept the big secret to herself.

Flash forward again, results day this time. Tai’s results were… okay. I hear she personally thought she could have done a bit better but oh welllll. So what did ________ say??? Well they had no space on the 5 year course but miracle of miracles, they offered her a place on Medicine with a Foundation Year. The foundation year would be spent preparing to move on to the 5 year course by concentrating on A Level weaknesses. For Tai this would involve bringing her up to speed with Biology, which she’d dropped after AS, as well as going over Maths and Chemistry units she’d struggled with. She’d also be eased into the PBL format of ______ and get introduced to some pre-medicine clinical units. So in way this was the perfect course for her and everything worked out great in the end. Results day involved a lot of tears, but happy ones this time!

Okay I think it’s time to stop referring to myself in the third person. (I’m Tai by the way, if any of you were wondering).

Sooooo yeah. I’m off to medical school in just over three weeks and I’m no longer taking a gap year. Stressful times at the moment though as I haven’t done Student Finance or accommodation, and I have so many tests and checks to get done, but it’s all worth it to be able to go to university this year.

I truly see all this as a miracle and God’s way of showing me He still has my back, even when I thought all was lost and began to think that perhaps medicine wasn’t the right path for me. God is good 🙂

As I’m no longer taking a gap year, what will happen to this blog? Well I plan to change the URL but still keep it going as blogging has been quite fun. I may not have gap year adventures to record anymore, but bring on medical school!


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