Letter To My Twin

The date is Tuesday 17th September 2013 and it is 01:49am as I begin to write this, but you won’t be reading this until I’m gone. I move to university in 4 days. Yikes.

I’m going to miss you so much.

I’ll miss karaoke Saturdays with my karaoke second, having someone to quote Coming to America and My Big Fat Greek Wedding with, my fellow HSM, Céline Dion and JB stan, pretentious conversations in the early hours of the morning, “I can’t breathe” laughing fits, picking the same outfit you’re wearing just to annoy you, my “does this sound okay” tweet and status proof reader, your keenness that has made me lazy because I’ve always relied on you to wake me up, plan my journeys, pack my lunch and pretty much look after me. This has caused many to say I can’t be independent, maybe they’re right.

I’ll miss staying up late together watching weird shows and films, and just talking about our lives.

I’ll miss going to restaurants and getting to eat two different meals, because I’ll no longer have you there to split your food with me. I’ll even miss you telling me random facts about France and French grammar. I always pretend that I don’t care and find it annoying, but I’ve always listened. I guess I’ll just miss having a friend I can always count on, because I’ve never had to worry about being on my own; I’ve always had you.

University will be weird. And tough. Scary, even. What makes me the most sad is that we won’t be going through the same things anymore, so I worry that we’ll no longer have shared experiences. But this also a good thing because we can now be different people; you’ll be Kenny and I’ll be Tai, and we’ll Skype, and call, and keep each other updated, and it’ll be fine.

I apologise in advance for the cringe but it’s coming… brace yourself… and here it is: You’re my best friend and I love you. I don’t think we’ve ever said that to each other because we’ve always thought it was corny and well, cringe. But what the heck, I love you, Kenny. Peace out.


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