First Month At Uni

Yo. I feel bad that I haven’t posted on here for a while, but the last couple of weeks have been quite hectic! So I’m here, at university, studying medicine, and not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate how blessed I am. God is good 🙂
Anyways it would take a while to recount everything that’s happened since my last post, so here are some highlights;

– The first day was the toughest. Saying bye to my brothers and Ken was incredibly hard and many tears were shed. My mum stayed the first night and left the next day, and saying bye to her led to more tears. A month later and I still miss ’em all, but regular Skype calls makes homesickness bearable.

– FRESHERS WEEK. Proved to my flat mates that it’s possible to enjoy freshers without getting drunk, as I don’t believe alcohol is needed to have fun, but I did try tequila and beer for the first time, bleurghhh. Meeting Greg James was great, he’s so tall and handsome and just lovely!

– Went a bit societies crazy during the first couple of weeks; joined so many and realised that I couldn’t go to them all as times clashed. Sad Tai-mes. Special mention to Quidditch and Assassins for being let downs and just weird to be honest. I now go to to the Christian Union, Glee Show Choir, Athletics and Netball and they’re all very fun and I’ve met some great people, so YAY.

– Another highlight has been crying in church. Yupp, that happened. Maybe Leo’s been right all along and I DO make scenes… nahhhh, I don’t make scenes! Allow me to explain. Went to church here for the first time and everyone was so nice and lovely and it just made me feel reaaaaally homesick, as church is a big part of my life back home. I’ve been trying out different churches every week and I still have three on my list to try before I settle in one, but it’s been great to be part of different fellowships, all worshipping the same God. Just amazing.

– My course! Absolutely loving it so far; this semester I’m doing basically A Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry with some Medicine modules, and next semester I drop Maths and Chem to do only further Biology and Medicine. Even though I’ve done the Maths and Chemistry stuff already, I refuse to become complacent like some people are, as they feel they’re above coming to lectures. Mate, I’m paying £9000 a year so you definitely won’t catch me missing lectures, no way!

– Biology is a lot to take in so far. I only did AS, and the board my school chose didn’t go into as much detail as others, so I’m a bit behind in terms of basic knowledge. Our lectures are very fast paced, and we cover things in an hour that would have taken a couple of lessons at A Level, but I’m surviving! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, so I’ve been putting a lot of extra work in to keep up.

– PBL is cool. If you don’t know what it is, PBL is Problem Based Learning and this is how my university teaches medicine. Basically you get put in a group of about 8-10 people, and each group has a supervisor. In PBL sessions every week you get a scenario based on the theme for that week, and it could be genetics, anatomy, infection etc. With the guidance of the supervisor, the group discusses the scenario and brainstorms learning objectives that they think the scenario is aimed at. Each person then gets a learning objective to research and medicine lectures that week are based around that scenario/theme. So at the end of the week, everyone feeds back on their learning objective and we learn from each other.

Personally I quite enjoy it. I think it’s more interesting than the traditional method of pure lectures, and in a way it’s more relevant to the reality of medicine as being a doctor involves a lot of working together with a team to overcome a problem, as well as getting information from other people i.e. nurses and different departments. It’s been good for me too as I’m learning to trust people more and become less independent, because as a doctor I wouldn’t be a very good one if I didn’t trust the people I was working with.

On the other hand however, I can see why some people don’t like it much. If you’re shy and not a people person, having to interract so closely with others might be daunting. Although if you’re not a people person, being a doctor might be a bit hard… I’m lucky because I have a great group and we all get on well, but if you’re in a group with people who don’t do their work, that would suck as they’d be letting the whole group down. So yeah, it has its pros and cons. Who knows, my opinion on it might change after a while but at the moment I’m loving it!

Anyways if you’re still reading this, thanks for putting up with my ramblings for so long. I plan to update more, as I’ll hopefully start putting up my PBL work as well as generally more details on how I’m handling #studentlyf and stuff. So yeah, thanks and erm, bye.


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