Reasons To Be Cheerful

I’ve been wallowing and wallowing isn’t good. Why have I been wallowing, you ask? Because I am being silly and petty, feeling sorry for myself, as I’m feeling like a bore due to my staying in a lot lately to study. My phone’s off to get fixed, so not having it really sucks as I feel disconnected with the world. Also, I shut my finger in a door, hit my head on a shelf, and trying to sort out a flat meal with no one seeming to care is really discouraging. I guess the start of this week hasn’t been great because continuously having to turn down invites to events is making me feel like everyone is having fun but me. I just want to go homeeeeee. Boo freaking hoo.

I’m being extremely petty, I know, so writing this blog is therapeutic as seeing my woes written down is making me realise how trivial they are. So get the heck over yourself, Tai, and here are some reasons to cheerful;

1. You are alive.

2. You are in medical school and all this staying in will be worth it when you pass this year and successful move on to year 1.

3. You’ve gotten good feed back on your SSS blogs so far.

4. You are watching your favourite film, High School Musical, as you type this. HSM is always a reason to be cheerful, never forget that.

5. In three weeks, exams will be over and you’ll be home for the holidays.

6. You’re seeing friends from home on Saturday.

7. Even if your flatmates don’t want to have a Christmas meal with you, you still have Starbucks Gal and Bangladeshi Bae. They are great and you’ll have a great meal with them when you’re all sharing a house next year, so you are not alone.

8. And last but most definitely not least,



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