The End of Melancholy

No I’m not referring to the 2011 film with Kirsten Dunst, I mean me finally snapping out of moroseness and being back to my chipper self again. I said in my last post that I would be okay, and here I am. Okayville, population: Tai. I won’t go into detail about what made me so down last time, because I refuse to dwell in the past, but shout out to Kenny and my mum for being such rocks. Starbucks Gal has also been a lot of help and it is hugely down to them that I’m at this point.  Shoutout to Rosie, who showed her concern from Thailand and messaged me. Oh, Chicken! Kenny actually did a post on how bad she felt for me, which was very very sweet of her, and you can read it here, if want: I would just like to say that I am not and was never angry though; I had/have no right to be.

Right that’s all out of my system now. Apologies for being so cryptic but it really isn’t worth going into. I highly recommend Kenny’s blog though. She’s awesome and is studying French at a very prestigious university, so go check it out if you’re interesting in finding out what student life is like for her:  My sister is very much like me- just a better, more brilliant and mature version.

Anyhowzers 2 exams done. 1 more and I can go home for Christmas! Excited would be an understatement.


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