Presentation Evening

Tonight was my old school’s presentation/prize giving evening for ex year 11 and year 13 students, and it was great being back and catching up with people I haven’t seen since results day.

As it was a special occasion, the very fabulous Debbie offered to style us for the night. Debbie is a family friend and fashion stylist, so my sister and I model for her when she needs content for her portfolio, and she styles us for big events.

Here she is at work:


And the final result:


She is awesome and you can check out her blog here.

Anyway presentation evening overall wasn’t too bad. I didn’t expect to win anything but I got the Chemistry award, so that was a lovely surprise. Kenny got the English award, but she was robbed of the French award that wasn’t given because she was the only student who took it for A Level. So unfair! My name was also spelt wrong in the program… Sigh.

It’s been quite a nostalgic day to be honest. In addition to going back for presentation evening, I visited the boys’ school to see my old teachers earlier in the day. I did Maths and Chemistry there for two years so I have a lot to thank them for. Really glad I went back because they were all so happy to see me! A lot of them don’t know that I’m at uni, as they all still think I’m on a gap year, so it was great to tell them all about my miracle offer. I will definitely keep in touch 🙂

Tomorrow is my last day at home before I head off to uni so I’m seeing some friends and spending time with family before I go back. I was so desperate to come home at the end of last semester but now I’m really really looking forward to starting again, can’t wait!


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