Feeling Content

Today has been a really good day. I’m on the bus back to campus as I compose this and I feel quite exhausted, but I’ve had a lot of fun. Spent the day with Starbucks Gal, who is currently on placement in Cambridge, and decided to surprise Louis at his college with an impromptu visit, so that was quite fun.

I’ve been back at uni for a week now and it feels like I never left because I’ve gotten back into my daily routine. Got the results of my exams and they were okay so I thank God. This term, I have less hours of contact because I don’t have to do Chemistry and Maths anymore, so focusing on Biology and Medicine modules, meaning that I only have about 9 hours of lectures a week. I had about 18 hours of contact a week last term so really don’t know how to handle all this free time. I’ll do work, ofcourse, but that’s still too much free time, so I might join some more societies I think…

At the moment I don’t even have Med lectures because we’re still doing SSS. Completed my presentation over Christmas, so it’ll be ready for the deadline next Monday. Our actual presentations aren’t for another 2 weeks so all I can do till then is practise practise PRACTISE. Our presentations can’t be more than 7 minutes, as marks get deducted if they’re too long or short, which worries me a bit because I know I tend to waffle sometimes. Also, SSS is 15% of our overall grade in the Medicine module so definitely feeling the pressure! But I won’t let it get to me, it will be fine as long as I just B R E A T H E.

Kenny came back to uni with me and spent a couple of days here before starting at her own uni. It was so great having her here, as quite a few people have been asking to meet my twin. Finally they believe me because I’m pretty sure some people thought I’d made the whole thing up and created two Facebook accounts to corroborate my story…

Things are better with my flatmates because on the first day back, I called a flat meeting and basically said that we all needed to hang out more because we’ve only got a couple of months left living together, so we might as well make the most of it, right? And guess what? They all agreed with me! We’re going to all cook together once a week, eat in the kitchen more, have some proper “flat bonding” time, which I’m in charge of sorting out, and pretty much just make more of an effort to do things together. YAY.

Finally, house stress is getting to everyone right now. The uni released the house list yesterday and so many of them have gone already! We saw a house yesterday that we fell in love with, contacted the landlords to get the paperwork for it, and everything was going well until they called us to tell us that another group had gotten their deposit to them first, so we lost the house. Peak timez. Won’t be disheartened by this because we have more viewings tomorrow, so the race to find a house continues!

Anyway that’s pretty much all I have to say for now. My happiness levels are high at the moment because I’m just well, happy, and this is a good thing đŸ™‚


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