A Lesson in the Art of Compromise

We have a house, yaaaaaaaay!!! After numerous viewings, unfair landlords and disagreements in the group, we finally decided on a house that we all liked, RELIEF. It is a lovely five bed house about 25 minutes from campus by walking and 10 by bus, is halfway between the city centre and university, located in a popular student area with nearby shops, pubs, takeaway restuarants, launderette, and get this, we also have a bakery down the road! So I am very happy with it. Our deposits have been sent off and we are currently in the process of signing contracts and tenancy agreements, which is all very exciting and makes me feel very “grown up”. This is even more motivation for me to pass this year and move on to year 1; I can and WILL do it.

Not going to lie, this week hasn’t been completely stress free. With two of our group currently on placement, it was up to the remaining three of us to find and view houses, send pictures to the girls on placement, and decide on the best one to put a deposit down for. There was some tension and I found myself in the middle of arguments between the two others, not fun. We all had different opinions on what makes a great house, which made it hard for us to pick one. I will admit that there were times that I was so determined to have my way, that I was unwilling to listen to anyone who disagreed with me, which on reflection I realise was quite childish and stubborn of me. It was only when I decided to stop being so selfish and actually listen to them that we were finally able to agree. Lesson learnt? Compromise is a good thing, shows maturity and leads to less arguments. I’m going to be living with these guys next year, so getting along and being considerate of each other is important.

Moving on, I had a meeting with my tutor today to reflect on first semester and how things are going. Apparently I’m currently “more than on track” and my tutor is very pleased with my progress and exam results. YAY. Did a practise SSS presentation in front of my SSS lead and she said that if I can give a similar presentation next week in the real thing, I should have no problems. Double YAY. This is all great news but no excuse to be complacent, ofcourse. There is still a lot to be done and I won’t let this stop me from working hard. But yeah, at the moment I’m doing well and I thank God.


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