SSS Buzz & the Return of Après un Rêve

So after months of research and weeks of practising, my SSS presentation is in exactly 16 hours and 24 minutes, YIKES. I feel prepared and confident talking about the Human Genome Project and Huntington’s Disease, so really really hope it goes well. I’m trying my best not to panic and/or freak out because I’m normally quite good with public speaking and talking in front of people, so hopefully tomorrow (today) goes just as smoothly! My top tips for presentations are;

– Enunciate and speak clearly, even slower than you normally would as you’re probably speaking faster than you think.

– Try not to speak in a monotonous voice; let your enthusiasm come across by varying how you say things.

– Make eye contact and interact with your audience, this makes them feel more involved and engaged.

– Finally, SMILE. You’d be surprised how many people you can win over with a genuine smile, so this is helpful because if you’re smiling before you’ve even started, you’ve already got some of your audience on side. And who knows, they might even give you a smile in return. Smiles always make me feel more relaxed, everyone should smile more in general to be honest!

Here’s hoping I can take my own advice and smash my presentation tomorrow (today), eeeeeeep!

On a lighter note, I’ve been chosen to sing a solo on my own in the Glee show in March! I auditioned for a solo within one of the group pieces last semester and got given the Bruno Mars part in the Pitch Perfect Pool Mashup, which I was absolutely thrilled with. I wasn’t even considering auditioning for a solo song on my own until last week after rehearsal, when the president of the Glee Society pulled me aside to ask if I was going to audition. I told her I wasn’t planning to, but then she said that I should “think about it,” as she thought I’d have a good chance of getting one. I was quite taken aback by this because I don’t even know when she’s heard me sing properly, as I don’t sing that loudly in rehearsals; I tend to stay at the back of the sopranos section so I can be lazy and sing quietly.

Anyway she advised me to sing a song that showed my vocal ability off the most and one song immediately came to mind. Now, anyone who was around me when I was preparing for my Grade 8 Singing exam will know how much I despised and struggled with this song. I can honestly say that it’s the hardest song I’ve ever had to learn , and most challenging too, so I knew that it would have to be the one. Yupp, the return of Après un Rêve… *shudders*. The audition went okayish in my opinion; I thought there were parts I could have sang better, so I wasn’t really bothered if I didn’t get a solo to be honest. So just IMAGINE my shock when only two people were chosen for individual solos, and I was one of them! That truly made my day.

I guess I’ll have to actually practise now if I don’t want to make a fool of myself in the show, AHHHHHHHH.

And just if anyone was curious, here are the Pool Mashup (I sing the ‘Just The Way You Are’ part) and Après un Rêve.


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