Challenge of the Month: Rock Climbing

I mentioned here that one of my new year resolutions would be to try new things in 2014 and today I did exactly that. I am very scared of heights (well, depths if you’re being technical) so this challenge wasn’t something I was looking forward to, which is probably why it’s taken me till the last the day of the month to actually attempt it. Shoutout to Fiona, one of my flatmates, who suggested it and convinced me to join the Rock Climbing Society! (LOL, who even am I?)

I got shown the ropes (literally), was talked through the health and safety stuff, taught how to belay, and then I was left to it. So feeling absolutely terrified, I started climbing…




… and managed to get to the top in one go! Apparently I’m a “natural,” and the instructor found it hard to believe it was my first time. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I had another go and got to the top again! It was a pretty scary view from the top and I was still shaking when I finally got down, but I did it, YAY.

Here is a final photo of me looking pleased with myself as I was getting lowered. I look happy but on the inside I was screaming “LET ME DOWN, NOWWWWWWW!”


Challenge DONE and I will definitely be going back because I had a lot of fun! Also, yesterday’s SSS presentation went well so yippee ki-yay 😀


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