Challenge of the Month: Going Veggie

Inspired by Starbucks Gal, I was challenged not to eat meat for a week. Anyone who knows me will know how much of a “blood mouth” I am because I lurrrrrrrve meat, so many doubted my ability to go through a week without it. Most of the food I make has some kind of meat in it and I season everything with chicken stock cubes so yeah, this was definitely a challenge. I got through it but it really was a long week, and I have so much more respect for my vegetarian friends.

Quorn and I are pals now; I tried and liked Quorn chicken and mince over the week. Quorn steak however, is DEFINITELY not for me because that stuff is just nasty. Like, yuck. Here are some pictures of some of the vegetarian meals I made this week:

My rubbish attempt at stuffed peppers with rice and Quorn mince…


Quorn chicken stirfry…


Shoutout to Mahan for making me yummy mushroom risotto not once but TWICE this week!


Spaghetti bolognese with Quorn mince, or as I called it, “Spaghetti Quorn-og-nese”. It’ll catch on, trust me…


 And finally, the not so nice Quorn steaks. Bleurghhh…



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