Why Is It Always Me?

I was doing so well at not making scenes because I DON’T, but I definitely made one today. Sigh.

Long story short I over-did it in athletics training and pulled the calf muscles in both my legs. Agony. Pain. So. Much. Pain. It was so bad that the trainers weren’t sure how to help and were weighing up the pros and cons of different stretches while I laid flat on my back, writhing on the track because the cramps in my legs were causing spasms. I had my hands over my mouth to muffle my screams, but by this point I was surrounded by a lot of people anyway, so trying to make less noise wouldn’t have made much difference. I looked like Bella Swan in Twilight after James bites her and Edward is sucking the venom from her hand, click here to see what I mean, very attractive.

Eventually they decided on massages and deep heat and ice, but I was still unable to walk properly so I had to be carried bridal style off the track. Yupp, that got quite a few laughs. Then I sat on my friend Ali’s bike, and held on to him while he pulled it all the way to my flat, because I can’t ride a bike (shocking, I know) and wouldn’t have been able to pedal if I could anyway, because my legs were still sore. SO grateful to Ali for all his help because he gave me a piggy back up the stairs when we got to my flat, made sure I had my legs elevated with frozen peas, and double checked that I was okay with my flatmates to look after me, before leaving. Yay for nice people!

So I was like this for a while:


Still a bit sore, but I’m feeling much better now, so happy days! Just thankful to God that it wasn’t anything serious, and hopefully I should be back to normal soon. I guess I can look back at the whole ordeal and laugh now, even though I’m dreading telling my mum about it because I just KNOW she’ll laugh and call me a fish. Looks like I’ll never lose that nickname…

In other news, I got my SSS presentation results back… and they were okay! Pleased with them, and I thank God 🙂 Also, super duper proud of my AMAZING sister, and you should read this to see why. Peace out.


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