12 Reasons Why I Love Chicken

WARNING: This post will be very cheesy so if you’re someone who’s not into sentimental mushiness, I suggest you stop reading now.

Seriously, stop.

You’ve been warned.

Last chance now.


O……………………………kay then, I’ll start.

Firstly, this is not a post about poultry. Don’t get me wrong, I DO love chicken and its yummy goodness, but I’m referring to a different chicken here, my friend Rosie. You see, we nicknamed her Chicken a while ago because her arms feel like chicken (trust me, they really do) and it’s kind of stuck over the years. Chicken is one of my best friends and favourite people in the whole world, and she’s been travelling for the past couple of months. From Vietnam to Los Angeles, she’s been to some AMAAAAZING places on her gap yah adventures, and made us all super jel with her pictures. Anyway, she is back very soon and I’m so so excited to see her again!

I can count on one hand the number of people outside my family whose opinions I really care about, and Chicken is one of those people. So, here are some reasons explaining why she is so great;

1) She loves High School Musical almost as much as I do. It shouldn’t surprise people who know me well that OFCOURSE one of my closest friends likes HSM. I went through a phase of only befriending people who liked the film… yeah I was obsessed.

2) She knows my twin sister, Kenny, and I so well that she can tell us apart by our voices. And that’s something not many people can do.

3) Most people are under the impression that I never get angry, but Rosie will tell you that that is definitely not true because she’s been on the receiving end of my foul moods in the past. We’ve had arguments, yes, but we’ve always gotten through them by being honest with each other.

4) I.e. that time I called her callous and she stormed off to find a dictionary because she later admitted that she didn’t know what callous meant. That kind of honesty is why we are friends.

5) She used a sceneย from Love Actually to help me realise I liked someone, then kept it a secret until I was ready to admit it because best friends don’t tell.

6) Chicken is a very gifted dancer, and this comes in handy when I see a sick dance routine because I can just tell her to learn it to teach me.

7) She came to every single show I was in at the theatre back in my acting days, and she is the only one outside family who did this.

8) We were on most school teams together, but definitely bonded over our dread of athletics fixtures (oh, the NERVES), and cheering on people in cross country by shouting out random names to see if anyone responded.

9) Her family are hilarious. She is slowly turning into her mother and this is very funny to see happening. Baaaare love n ‘ting for Paula.


11) When I was really down last term, she called me all the way from Thailand to make sure I was okay.

12) She went through a phase of asking us to call her ‘Mase’ and wouldn’t answer to anything but that. Now, she happily responds to Chicken and lets us call her that because she’s a mate.

I could go on and on about all the things that make her so great, but I’d really be here for ages, and I think you get the basic idea. One of my favourite quotes is, “No man is a failure who has friends,” and I feel so so blessed to have friends like Chicken in my life because no matter how crappy things get, it’s always comforting to know they’ll be there no matter what, and that they get, understand and accept me despite my many flaws.

These last couple of months have really shown that distance is a true test of friendship and I’m glad we’ve managed to stay in touch. I know she reads this blog so this one’s for you, Chicken. I’ll leave you with two of my favourite pictures of the three of us (I know you hate them but I don’t, so deal with it muhahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

117 chicken 1



3 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why I Love Chicken

  1. God you made me laugh until the end. I just kept wishing chicken sat behind you – while you typed this post

    …. en hemmmmnnn… annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd ehmmmm… Chicken, in case you’re reading my comment too, please know that you’ve got a friend for life here. Please treasure her – even in her times of weakeness and flaws.

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