A Cute Morning

I was invited to a girls Bible study breakfast in the morning, which meant an early start for me because I normally don’t wake up before 1pm on a Saturday. Very glad I went though because we had such a great time! We read Matthew 11-20 together and then just talked about the parts of it that spoke most to us. For me, it was definitely Jesus’ words about having faith like a mustard seed because it’s always good to remember that even a little bit of faith can go a long way. It was a super cute morning and I got given this:


I was taken aback because it was my first time at the Bible study breakfast, and I’d never met the girl who gave it to me before. So her going out of her way to make me and everyone else who was at the Bible study one of them was very sweet, because everyone had a different Bible verse so that must have taken her a while. It was just a really cute morning! Glad I was invited and went, will definitely be at the next one at the start of May 🙂


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