An Eventful Night

We had a flat party last night to celebrate my flat mate’s 21st birthday and that shizz was cray.

You see a couple of weeks ago, I promised Fiona (my flat mate) that I would have something alcoholic to drink just for her, so last night I did exactly that. My plan was to have a glass of champagne or something like that but oh no, that would’ve been way too easy. Fiona’s boyfriend bought like £200 worth of alcohol and some of it was used to make this:


It was made up of pure spirits and my challenge was to down a pint of it. I really need to stop doing things because I’m dared because Eli thought it would be a good idea to put some more vodka in the already over-alcoholic drink… and I got it down in 8 like a LAD. I felt okay for a bit but then I started to feel more sluggish as time went on so yes, I was tipsy. It was a weird feeling because I remember nearly falling over a couple of times and processing things people were saying to me took a lot longer. Starbucks Gal and Bangladeshi Bae found it all hilarious and so did quite a lot of people because I never drink, but last night I had that pint, some Bulmers and Eli bought me a shot of vodka, which was horrible so never doing that again!

I guess we finally have an answer to the question of what alcohol would do to me, and it makes me less energetic because I felt tired and just wanted to sit down. The world still hasn’t seen drunk Tai because even though the drinks made me feel slower, I still had a clear idea of where I was, what was going on, and what I was doing. The world just isn’t ready for a drunk Tai… I shudder to think of the things I would say if I was completely inebriated.

By the time we got to the club, I was feeling more like me again so it was a great night. Silly me forgot my phone in the taxi, which put a dampener on the night a bit because I was so worried. Anyone who knows me will know how attached I am to my phone, so scary times when I thought I’d lost it. I was up till about 4am begging the taxi firm to search all their cars for it. Shout out to Starbucks Gal and Bangladeshi Bae for being absolute babes and staying up with me, especially Starbucks Gal, who had work at half 8. Thanking God that they found it and it was dropped off this morning, yay!

So yeah, Tai drank and got tipsy and TAI DRANK. If you look outside your window, you will also see pigs flying. Cray.


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