Challenge(s) Of the Month: Lolita & Giving Blood

I’m a self-confessed book snob. I like reading classics, you see, and this was what led to me deciding to read Nabokov’s Lolita years ago. I stopped reading halfway through it because it reaaaally creeped me out, so OFCOURSE it made sense to make finishing it this month’s challenge.

I did it and it wasn’t actually that bad. The first part is more… descriptive than the second, so after I powered through that the rest of it was easier to read. Really didn’t like how Lo is portrayed as the villain over the course of the story, while Humbert comes across as the victim. Humbert Humbert is a paedophile who ruins an innocent girl’s childhood. So is he in love, a pervert or an obsessed madman? All of that and more.

As well as reading Lolita, I also gave blood for the first time ever! I nearly wasn’t allowed to because I had to prove I’m not underweight, as you have to be over 8 stone. So after running down to the gym and getting printed evidence that I weigh exactly 52.1kg (8.2 stone), I was given the go ahead. The nurses were lovely and it all went okay. Shoutout to Abs (my mother) for coming with me and keeping my mind off the needle. Nothing says mother/daughter bonding like playing 4 Pics 1 Word while giving blood.





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