Why I Am A Fish

With my sister back at uni and my brothers back in school, the house has been much quieter and I’ve been able to get on with revision. And that’s enough talk about work. I haven’t really left the house this week but don’t want to talk about revision, so this post will give the story behind my annoying nickname.

When we have visitors in our house, a frequently asked question is, “Why do you call Tai a fish?” as my family (mum and dad especially) refer to me as the family fish and think it’s hilarious.

It all began after we watched Finding Nemo for the first time many years ago. I did/said something silly and I can’t remember what it was now, but with Dory in mind, Kenny replied with something along the lines of, “You’re such a fish.” Mum cracked up and the name has stuck. Whenever I do something clumsy or forget things, which I’ll admit happens often, I get comments like, “Typical fish,” or “Tai’s just being a fish again.” My family justifies this “teasing” with the fact that I used to love playing with water as a kid and still have reaaaaallly long showers today. Kenny has said many times that she thinks I’m part mermaid so move aside, Ariel.

And that’s the story of why I am a fish. Join me next time for more anecdotes from my childhood, which will now become a thing when I have nothing to blog about.

Back to work…


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