Challenge of the Month: Holiday Without Family

Okay so my trip to Amsterdam last week wasn’t the first time I’ve been abroad without my parents, but it was my first holiday without The Keen One a.k.a Kenny. I went with a friend from uni and we had so much fun! Highlights of the trip for me were visiting the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, and THE ZOO. We also accidentally wandered into the Red Light District one day and discovered that the ‘ladies of the night’ don’t exactly wait till dark to come out… yeah.

Ofcourse I knew of Amsterdam’s reputation before going there, I just didn’t think things would be so… in your face, you know? Like children’s toy stores right next to porn/sex shops? And cannabis casually being sold on the streets? WHOA. The smell of weed everywhere was also an experience- I actually went into a “coffeeshop” to see what it was like inside and everyone was so nice! I wonder why…

Amsterdam is a very beautiful city though; being there made me realise just how sheltered I am, and I’m glad I am! Here are some of the many pictures I took while we were there.

Here I was thinking, “Lol where even am I?”

Outside the Anne Frank House:

Outside the Rembrandt House:


 Monkeying around at the zoo:

 The Rijksmuseum:

 Being a sunflower at the Van Gogh Museum:

Obligatory ‘iamsterdam’ photo:

 Visited Hillsong Amsterdam and got to watch the amazing Watoto Choir:

The Flowermarket:

Finally, never has a poster summed up my love life so accurately. Food before dudes, ALWAYS.


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