Drumroll, Please

I was chilling in bed reading my Bible when I got the email. My heart was beating really fast. My hands were shaking as I opened it because here it was, the moment of truth, make or break time… would I be progressing to year 1?


… But before I share my results, a quick recap.

For anyone who hasn’t been following this blog, this year at university for me has been a foundation year. To progress to year 1 of medical school, I had to get an average of at least 75% in the science modules, which involved exams in Introductory Biology, Further Biology, Introductory Chemistry and Basic Mathematics, and 75% in the Medicine module, which involved exams on all our PBL work, as well as an assessed portfolio and a presentation based on our Student Selected Study (SSS) project.

Right. Now that we’re all caught up, back to my results. Did I do it? Keep reading.















I got firsts in my science modules and with over 75% in the medicine module, I passed!!!!!!!

As you can probably imagine, there was a lot of screaming and ‘yay-ing’ and jumping around and phonecalls made to share the good news, as well as frantic Whatsapp messages and texts and calls to find out how my friends did, so far so good!

I’m just so relieved and happy; now I can call myself a medic and not feel like a fraud because I’m going to be a proper one now! As always, I’m grateful to God because I know I definitely didn’t do this on my own; it’s by His grace that I’ve come this far so bring on year 1, YAY :).


2 thoughts on “Drumroll, Please

  1. CONGRATS LADY!!! All of your hard work and dedication over the past year was very apparent on here, and I’m thrilled to see it paid off for you! So excited for you and to hear more about your journey as a med student 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Good luck with your applications, fingers crossed for you! Make sure you keep us updated on things 🙂

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