Challenge of the Month: Learning How To Ride a Bike

I am 19 years old and until yesterday, I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle.

This was a fact that so many people made an unnecessary big deal out of; it really wasn’t! I’ve put up with years of shocked reactions when I mention I never learnt as a kid, as well as sympathetic comments like, “Your childhood must have been boring and deprived!” The latter annoyed me because I grew up in Nigeria, so those who were aware of this and made the assumption that my upbringing was disadvantaged, just because of such a trivial thing like not learning how to ride a bike, were silly. My childhood in Nigeria was a very interesting one but alas, that is a story for another day.

Anyway, this month’s challenge came about as a result of me wanting to prove a point to The Keen One a.k.a Kenny, who learnt how to ride a couple of weeks ago, and has been rubbing it in my face ever since. I was very shaky and fell over a lot, but shout out to my patient teachers, AJ, Louis a.k.a The Little Engine(er) That Could, and Q, who were encouraging and didn’t laugh too much at me, which I know must have been hard for them because I looked like this:


 (mmm, dat helmet tho #swag)

AJ did push me off the bike ON PURPOSE “for bants,” which wasn’t very nice or funny AT ALL (yupp, still not letting it go, Ally), but he apologised so I guess he’s forgiven. bikeriding

And here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… video evidence of me riding a bike! Yeah I need to work on my turning, but this was after about half an hour of learning, so cut me some slack, okay? 😉


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