That Time I Was On TV

One of the perks of being the twin sister of a BNOC* is getting to do cool things like appear on national television during prime time. What even is my life lol?

We were on The One Show for a segment called ‘Me and My Teacher,’ where we talked about our old Economics teacher, Mr B. I’ve mentioned him in previous posts because he played a huge role in getting me into medical school, and really went out of his way to help us during our GCSEs and A Levels.

So yupp, this happened:

It was such a surreal experience; massive thanks to the producers at the BBC for having us!

Ofcourse, the real star of this all is Mr B. He truly is a great teacher, and we really need more like him in the world. He always told us that it is the student who makes the school, not the other way round. Regardless of where you’re from and as long as you’re willing to work hard, you can accomplish anything. So thank you, Mr B, never change.

(*BNOC = Big Name On Campus)


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