10 Years

Today makes it exactly 10 years since I relocated to the UK with my family, so I have officially spent more of my life here than I did in Nigeria. Wowie, how time flies! As I mentioned in this post last year, I may be “British” now, but that doesn’t mean I am forgetting my Nigerian roots. Sure I’ve changed, but that’s an inevitable part of growing up, and change isn’t always a bad thing because learning from the past allows us to be better people in the future. 9 year old Tai was a spoilt, naive and shy little girl, so I think I’ve really come a long way since those days (I hope!).

To celebrate 10 years of living in the UK, here are 10 well known and not so well known facts about me:

1. I am 6 seconds older than my twin sister, The Keen One a.k.a Kenny.

2. I am allergic to mangoes. Whether or not it’s actually an intolerance is a subject of debate amongst people I tell about it, and this has included dieticians and doctors. All I know is they make me throw up, so I’m not too bothered about the correct term for my reaction to them.

3. I have two piercings (my ears) and these were done shortly after I was born, as I have always worn earrings, and this is a common thing to do for baby girls in Nigeria.

4. My favourite books are Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I’ve read Redeeming Love so many times that I’ve got 3 different copies of it, because the pages of the first two are worn out and torn… yeah.

5. As well as reading, I love watching films in my free time, and I go to the cinema a lot. In fact when I am feeling homesick at uni, one of the places I go to is the cinema, because the familiarity of Vue is comforting to me. High School Musical and The Lion King are my favourite films. The former changed my life (and how is a story for another day but seriously, it did) and the latter has a very special place in my heart.

6. When I am not in a good mood with someone, my speech becomes very formal, and I start using “big words”. This is a fact about me that I didn’t realise until last year, and even though I’m aware that I do it, I still can’t stop myself from doing so when I’m annoyed.

7. I am a dress person. I love dresses and would happily spend a ridiculous amount of money on a beautiful one. Dresses are the only thing I would do this for because I rarely splurge on things; they are my weakness.

8. I have been singing since I was about 5. Our tutor taught us at school and church and when we were 8, my sister and I recorded a gospel album that was sold around the world.

9. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people dance a pre-choreographed piece and sing along to the music. It really irks me for some reason, I just can’t stand it.

10. Finally if I wasn’t doing medicine, I’d probably do something involving the care of young people, like social work or even babysitting as a professional nanny. I used to be a Sunday School teacher, as well as a Play Assistant at my local playground, so I love kids 🙂


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