Terrible Timing

We are now in week 5, death week. What do I mean by death week, you ask? I mean that this week’s theme is on death, so all our lectures have had something to do with the subject; end of life care, epidemiology of mortality, social aspects of hospice care, cell death and tissue regeneration, legal and ethical issues involved with death, psychology of grief and so on.

Yeah, it’s not been fun. And to make things worse, I received some tragic news yesterday, so this week’s theme has become all too real. I’ve always been better at writing down my feelings than talking about them, so in a way admitting on here that no, I’m actually not sure I can face possibly visiting a morgue tomorrow, is kind of therapeutic. 3 hours of PBL presentations on death on Friday will be difficult too, but I refuse to ask to be excused because that would be the easy option. I got through today’s dissection, so I WILL get through the rest of this week. Praying really hard for strength right now.

Death week really really sucks.


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