My Daily Dilemma

I hate being late. I really really do.

My life is just a non stop, never ending schedule of To Do lists, work, meetings and commitments. So for me to stay on top of everything, it is essential for me to keep to time.

But on the other hand, I also really like people. People are just great, aren’t they? I love talking to people, meeting new people, socialising and just hanging out, to be honest. So what’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, most people aren’t obsessive ¬†meticulous timekeepers like me, so not everyone gets it when I tell them I need a definite time and date whenever we plan to do things.

They are even more bemused when I bring out my brick (phone) to put it in my schedule, *insert “keen” remarks here*. When something is in my schedule, I plan everything else around it, i.e. work, other events and commitments, to ensure that nothing clashes. So I get frustrated when people don’t turn up, cancel or want to rearrange things last minute. Why? Because I am a very busy person. Whenever I try to explain this to people I end up sounding like I’m bragging about an active social life (I’m really not), so maybe I can come across like less of a douche on here.

I am very busy. This is not a boast, it is a fact. I do a lot of things (studying time included), and you might be thinking that that’s my own problem, or why don’t I just do less, but I’m someone who likes branching out in terms of societies and extra curricular activities. Is that so bad? I don’t like letting people down either, so I’m constantly agreeing to do even more than I already do. So do you now see why time keeping is so important to me?

I do know I need to try and loosen up a bit, because life doesn’t always stick to plan, and there are always unpredictable things happening. So unless someone fancies buying me a Time Turner, spontaneity is something I definitely need to work on. Right now though, my schedule says it’s time to do some sociology revision, so back to work I go…


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