Shout out to my very nosy PBL group, who found this blog through Google because they are STALKERS. You guys are the worst…

…Just kidding, I guess you’re not too bad, even though you call me keen, and laugh at me, and think I’m “too happy,” and upload your PBL work late to annoy me (Yeah I’m talking to you, Ben, grrr).

Since you all now know more about me from reading my posts, it’s only fair that I write about you guys in return. So, here’s the lowdown on PBL group M:

Badushi– a.k.a. “The Controlling One”. Ba-Dushi (like sushi with a ‘d’) was in my PBL group last year, so it’s great that I get to be with her again. She’s such a ‘sly dog’ and never fails to make me laugh with her old school expressions like “Wicked!” and “Funky!”

Ben– a.ka. “The Mean One”. Tom Ben is one of the most sarcastic people I’ve ever met, and he’s also one of the main people that thinks I’m too optimistic. But when you’re happy you can make other people happy, Ben!

Johnny– a.k.a. “Mr Muscle”. Johnny is the youngest in our group, as he started med school aged 17! He’s from Hong Kong and a dedicated gym enthusiast, fitting in sessions before 9am PBL, such a beast.

Kaylan– a.k.a. “The Lad”. Kaylan is one of those people who looks nice on the outside, but is actually mean, Laveeza would know! Haha just kidding (I’m not…)

Kiren– a.k.a. “The One With The Best Laugh”. Kiren is a Gravesend gal, which I thought was Grovesend the first of the many times she mentioned it. She is a Potterhead, half of the dynamic duo that is ‘Kaveeza,’ and has a great laugh that always puts a smile on my face.

Laveeza– a.k.a. “Mrs Potato Head/The Talkative One”. Lav is the celebrity of our group and if you haven’t heard about her, you’ve clearly been living under a rock for a while. She’s so down to earth and really cares about her fans, so nice!

Mehar (Mia)– a.k.a. “The Honest One”. Mia calls me Taiwan because she finds it funny, and she’s the oldest one of us, as she’s postgrad. I’m not too sure where she went or what she studied though, UCL I think? She doesn’t really talk about it…

Olu– a.k.a. “Silent But Deadly”. The first part of Olu’s nickname came about because she’s a gal of few words, but not many people know that she has an amazing singing voice, hence the “deadly” aspect. Olu does Glee like me, and fun fact, she’s had malaria many times! #sicklecelltraitcrew

Rebecca– a.k.a. “The Shakes”. Last but not least is Rebecca, and she and I are ‘The Dream Team’! We’ve had great times like getting lost during home visits to patients, the longest consultation EVER (embrels lol), and doing ear examinations for the first time, fun times!

And that’s my PBL group! Not going to lie they are a weird bunch, but I’m very blessed to have them, because they are simply the best.

PBL Group M


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