Challenge of the Month: Baking

(This was November’s challenge and was supposed to happen last week but had to be rescheduled, which is why I’m posting this now. I could easily change the date of this post to earlier in November, but that would be dishonest 😉 )

So yeah, baking.

I don’t bake. Like ever. Ever since The Great Year 7 Sugar/Salt Mix Up that led to rock hard, inedible biscuits, my answer when people ask me if I bake is always a big NO. Even before that, I’d never really been into it. Abs (my mother) doesn’t bake either, and she always said, “Why would I make you a cake when I can buy one?” as we grew up, so home-made birthday cakes weren’t a thing in our house. So it made perfect sense to bake something for this month’s challenge.

The task? Molten chocolate cupcakes and hazel nut squares.

My teacher? A friend from church called Iris, who is a 5th year medic and one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. Her faith in God is such an inspiration, and she had the patience to put up with my non-existent baking skills for a whole evening. So to me, she is a saint. Here she is icing, such a cutie!


Right, how did I get on then? Not bad at all! Like I said, I had a great teacher, and the end result was very very yummy:


Yeah they may not look very appetising but trust me, they were delicious and my house mates loved them, so YAY. I win no points for decoration, I know, I have no plans of becoming a pastry chef any time soon, so don’t judge me!


#ChefTai 🙂


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