Challenge of the Month: Being Spontaneous

I was challenged by my PBL group to ditch my schedules and To Do Lists for a whole month. I wasn’t allowed to plan things beforehand or put reminders on my phone; I had to remember plans and commitments without help. Part of the rules of being “spontaneous” included me having to say yes whenever someone invited me out, not having a food time table, and doing things as I felt like it, instead of sticking to my daily schedule.

So how did it go? Well the fact that I’m posting this now, and didn’t wait till the end of the month should give you a clue… Yeah, I failed.

You see, I cheated by making a To Do List of tasks for the month before the challenge started, and just followed that. I forget things so so easily (why I’m the family fish) and I need to write things down because if I didn’t, I would get nothing done.

What no one believes though, is that I’m the laid back twin. The Keen one a.k.a. Kenny is so much more ON IT than I am! When we’re home, she’s the one who makes plans for us and sorts out everything, and this is something she’s done for years.

Before uni, I relied on Kenny to do most things for me, i.e. pack my lunches and pretty much organise my life. She was more responsible than me, so being separated from her was tough, because I had to start doing things for myself. That was when I became heavily dependent on my schedules, timetables and to do lists, and now I find it hard to be productive without them.

On a more positive note, I did manage to ditch my food timetable, had random takeaways and cooked meals that weren’t planned, so I guess I can give myself credit for that. My other proud moment was deciding to go out reaaally last minute. Like, I’d gotten ready for bed (retainers in and all), when I got a call from a friend, and was in the LCR half an hour later.

I guess little bursts of spontaneity like that every now and then can be fun, but being spontaneous all the time is just not for me. In my defense, I don’t think anyone can say they’re a 100% spontaneous person. We all have routines we stick to daily, I just write mine down and have a bit more than most people do. Is that so bad?


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