“Christmas is for Family”

When I was younger, it used to really annoy me that my parents invited people over on Christmas day. “Christmas is for FAMILY,” I’d sulk to myself, as people came in and out of our house. From church members to homeless people from the local community, Christmas day is never just a family affair at ours, and every year brings new visitors. Like I said, it used to really irk me, but I’ve grown up to see just how selfish my view of it all was.

You see, I’ve come to realise that the people who come over either have no one else to spend Christmas with, food to eat, or even a home to call their own. So me being annoyed because I had to share what my family had more than enough of wasn’t very nice.

Christmas is not just for family. If God had thought selfishly like I used to, He wouldn’t have sent Jesus to the world. Jesus was God’s own son, and still, He chose to share Him with the world to save us; the ultimate sacrifice for love. If God can do that, what right do I have to be annoyed? Show love this Christmas, and be sure to be grateful for what you have, I know I am!

I conclude with this:

“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”- Matthew 1:21.”

Merry Christmas, everyone 🙂


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