Logbooks = LONGbooks

I should have really started writing up my patient logbooks earlier.

Why oh why didn’t I do them as I went along, instead of letting them pile up? I actually remember thinking to myself over the holidays, “I should really start doing some logbooks… Nah, that’s Future Tai’s problem.” It is now the future and Past Tai is the worst.

For anyone who is unsure of what I’m talking about, a logbook is a collection of patient cases that are presented and assessed in an 11 minute OSCE station, and must have a balance of primary and secondary care cases. We have to write up 11 cases, then one or two of them are randomly chosen by the examiner for us to present, and then we get asked questions on the cases.

So last term, I met patients while on GP and hospital placements and practised consultation skills, which involves asking things like their Presenting Complaint/History of Presenting Complaint, Past Medical History, Family History, Social History, and Drug History. I quite enjoyed history taking, and I feel way more confident with it now, but writing up the cases is just #longforman. 8 done, 3 to go!

In other news, my eyes have gotten better! I was having really bad headaches, so I went for an eye test, and apparently I don’t need to wear my glasses as much I used to, as wearing them unnecessarily was what caused the headaches. YAY, I am four eyes no more! (Well I’ll still need to wear them sometimes, but ‘four eyes in lectures/when driving’ just doesn’t sound as good).

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