Module 1 Placement: Week Three

When you get more sleep at night you have more energy to do things during the day, who knew?

Haha, so we’ve only been back for a week and it already feels like way more than that; only 11 more weeks till the end of term… We’re back in the hospital for two more weeks of placement before starting Module 2, and this week has definitely been the best so far (me sleeping more and not being tired all the time might have played a role in that), so much fun!

Started the week with an orthopaedic outpatient clinic on Monday, and I really should have gone through last term’s lower limb anatomy stuff before it, because the consultant I was with really grilled me. I managed to correctly answer most of his questions (phew!) but I would’ve been so much more confident if I’d gone through my notes, so that’s something to remember next time.

I was in GI theatre in the afternoon (liver surgery), and that was definitely one of the highlights of my week. I thought I would just be observing, but the surgeon told me to get scrubbed up and join them! I ended up having to scrub up three times because I touched my mask because my nose was itchy (a massive no no), and I ripped my gloves the second time. At least I got to practise scrubbing up, right? I was put on “suction duty,” but the coolest part of it all was getting to finish the closing stitches at the end. The surgeon showed me how to do it and being the chicken I am, I was like, “Me? But I can’t sew!” and he just told me to get on with it! My hands were very VERY shaky, and ofcourse I was so so nervous because they were all watching me, but I did it and it was the coolest thing ever.

And that wasn’t the only cool thing that happened this week. Other highlights included meeting a woman whose husband worked with Alan Turing at Bletchley Park during the war, getting filmed for a news segment on my medical school, my first lump/bump examination on a real patient, and I also found out that I passed last term’s formative exam, so thankful to God for that!

My formative SSS presentation was also this week; my chosen theme was health economics, and I presented on whether or not health inequality still exists in the UK. The presentation was going well, I was on a roll, nearly at the end… and then the projector stopped working. This completely threw me, ofcourse, but the examiner told me to keep going using just the computer screen. I tried to explain that I needed the projector to go through the graphs that were coming up, but she told me to carry on anyway. I went over my time limit by a minute, and guess what she said when I finished? “It would have been nice if we could have seen the graphs” …grrrrrrrr. At least it was only formative! The examiner did understand that the technical difficulties weren’t my fault, and she gave me some great feedback to improve it for the summative in May. I’m just annoyed that I was the only one who had projector problems. #standard

On the up side though, now that SSS is over I can concentrate on prepping for the OSCE next week, yay… it’s going to be a fun weekend.

(I also learnt how to change the ink in my printer today. MAJOR accomplishment for me; Printer 0-1 Tai)


2 thoughts on “Module 1 Placement: Week Three

  1. I totally feel you on the feeling that we’ve been back for so much longer than a week/2 weeks. Honestly, I don’t even feel like I’ve been gone at all.

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