When Your Little Brother Grows Up

It starts when you notice him listening to music you don’t recognise. In the past his music taste was annoyingly similar to yours, but you shrug it off and think nothing of it.

But then his clothes start changing. His outfits don’t need your approval anymore, and he’s buying things without asking for your opinion first. Odd, you think.

Before you know it, you’re at university and everything is different. He now towers over you, chooses parties with his friends over watching films and plays with you, and tries to give you money to get out of having dinner with you. Ouch.

The weirdest thing is when he reaches GCSE year and starts talking about prom. You want to cry like a proud mum when he tells you he’s asked someone and she said yes, but you put on a smooth face and respond with a nonchalant “Cool.”

When your little brother grows up it makes you feel sad. And old. But more sad. Sad because he doesn’t need you as much now, and old because if he’s not a kid any more, what does that make YOU?? Almost halfway to 40, that’s what.

When your brother grows up and is over 6ft tall, you start referring to him as your ‘younger’ brother, because calling him little just doesn’t feel right anymore.

You start to realise how much you took him wanting to hang out with you for granted in the past, regret how dismissive you used to be, and feel bad that you used to find him annoying. Actually scratch that, he IS annoying, but maybe you should’ve been more patient before.

When your brother grows up it’s not the end of the world; you’ve grown up too, it’s an inevitable part of life. He may be different, and not your little tag-along nowadays, but when he watches all seven seasons of Boy Meets World because he heard you talking about it, you know you still influence his interests. He will always be your brother, and that’s something that will never change.



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