Catwalks and Pancakes


Last weekend I was part of the university charity fashion show, and I had such a great time! In addition to modelling for Retreat Vintage, I was also a New Look shop liaison. This involved me getting in contact with the clothes and swimwear models, organising fittings for them, making sure they were comfortable with what they were wearing, getting the outfits to campus, and taking them back to the shop after the show.

So. Much. STRESS.

It all worked out well though; my partner, Chloe, and I were very organised, so we managed to get things sorted out in time.  We were lucky because our models were very mostly cooperative, and we felt so proud seeing them all done up for the show.

So beautiful!

Like last year I was a model for Retreat Vintage, and that was so much fun! I really really liked my outfit, and I didn’t fall over, YAY.  Can’t wait for next year!


In other news, this week was Shrove Tuesday day and we had a pancake party (which is definitely becoming an annual thing), and that was also pretty fun. How sick I felt in the morning after however, was not very fun. Note to self: Mushrooms, nutella and whipped cream are definitely not a good combination. Bleurghhhh.


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