Challenge of the Month: Debating

I’ve been really slacking with my challenges of the month this year, and to make up for it, I’ve decided to try out 3 new things this month!

My first challenge? Joining the debating society.

I have always been interested in debating; my school didn’t have a debating society, but I went to the one at the boys’ school a couple of times, and it looked so fun. Debating is such a good way to practise public speaking skills, get better at thinking on the spot, while being exposed to different opinions and perspectives. It also helps you to become more confident at arguing and being persuasive, which is something I definitely need to work on. I’ve found that in arguments I usually back down easily, even when I know I’m right, out of fear of saying the wrong thing or not arguing my point well, so I thought debating would be a good way to help me get over this self-consciousness.

As a doctor I’ll need to be able to confidently argue my point to stop patients and/or fellow colleagues from walking all over me, and I’d also like to become as good as debating as AJ, one of my friends from home. He was president of the debating society and is so annoyingly good at arguing. Just once, I’d like to win an argument, you know? Sigh.

Anyway, how did I find it?

Quite fun, actually! Everyone was really nice; they made me feel welcome and involved, which I really appreciated. There were informal and formal debates:



They were both quite interesting! I was on the proposition for both of them, and took part in the planning before, but was too chicken to speak up during the actual debates. In my defence I’m still learning how formal debating is structured, but I could have definitely spoken up in the informal Eddie Redmayne one. I had so many counter-arguments but I was too much of a wimp to say something. Next time, definitely!

I do feel like I understand debating better now though. I’ll try to go to more sessions when I’m free, so yay for trying out new things! 😀


2 thoughts on “Challenge of the Month: Debating

  1. I am part of a debating society at school (well was, exams means it ‘temporary closed’) and I find it fantastic! Its really fun and it did improve my confidence somewhat:) At first I was too scared to share my opinion unless someone found it silly or it got ignored but then I ended up doing a debate in assembly (kinda flopped if i’m honest) which never the less was a big step for me. I’d say keep going 😀

    • You’re so lucky your school has one; at university you can definitely tell who’s done debating/public speaking, they are so much more confident! And wow a debate in assembly, so brave! I’m sure your “flop” is better than anything I could do! Thanks though, I’ll definitely try and go more 🙂

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