To My Mother

There is a scene in Linklater’s deservedly acclaimed Boyhood, that reminds me of the day my mum left my father. The children are in the house, and the mother comes with back up to take them away from their abusive father, who tries to stop them from leaving.

I was 5 when I had to make the choice between my parents, and watching the scene took me back to that day. It was nearly 15 years ago and I still remember it so vividly- mum stood outside the house crying, my father begging us to stay with him, family members shouting at us to get in the car… It’s amazing how some memories never leave us, despite how long ago they happened.

I chose my mum that day, and if I had to choose again, it would still be my mum. This is to my mother, who inspired me to start reading as a child, as I initially picked up books to imitate her, but then developed my own love for them.

To my mother, who constantly told me that God has not given me a spirit of fear, which was great reassurance when I was 7 and scared of the dark. To this day, 2 Timothy 1:7 remains one of my favourite verses.

To my mother, who orders our favourite Chinese food when we’re not home to feel closer to us, who loves High School Musical because we do, who got Facebook and Snapchat when we went to university to be more involved in our lives, and who is always on my side, even when I’m wrong, in the biased way that parents are.

Happy Mother’s Day, Abs; 15 years later and I have no regrets.



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