SAM & The End Of Module 2

We’ve come to the end of Module 2, so we’re all done with locomotion, and it’s gone by so quickly! It was also our last PBL session of year 1 this week, but I don’t feel as sad about it as I did this time last year during the foundation year, because with a month of secondary care placement coming up, I know I’ll still see my PBL group a lot.

Next week is revision week, and I plan to use that to finish my notes, so that they’ll be ready for me to revise with during placement. I won’t make the mistake I did last term by not being prepared for clinics; pretty sure I won’t get away with, “I don’t know, we haven’t learnt that yet” when we’ve finished all our teaching for the year… Yeah, I don’t think the doctors would be very impressed.

We also have a formative anatomy exam, so I have a week to learn revise the anatomy we’ve done this year. Yaaay… On a positive note, I can now draw the brachial plexus, so at least the Easter holidays weren’t totally unproductive.

In other news, we had a talk on SAM on Tuesday, and I am so excited for it. What is SAM, you ask? Well SAM stands for Studies Allied to Medicine, and for the first time in my medical school’s history, it is being offered from second year. SAM is 10 weeks of 2 hour sessions that gives students a break from lectures, as we get the  chance to study something outside the course.  The options available for next year range from languages like French, Spanish, German, British Sign Language, to Politics and Global Health, as well as Art, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and more randomly, Clowning. Yupp, you read right- clowning. As in, learning the skills involved in becoming a clown. We choose our top three and get allocated one to do.

So guess what’s going to be my number one choice?

Yupp, you guess right… Clowning ofcourse! I think it sounds so fun! I want to go into Paediatrics when I’m older, so it’ll be a good way to develop skills like improvisation, communication and comedy, which can later on be applied to consultations with children. Also, I can live out my lifelong dream of being a clown… Win-WIN situation to be honest. I know I’m already a #TOPjoka, but working on my mad skillz to be more hilarious than I already am will be fun, right?


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