Module 2 Placement: Week 1

From people being left behind by the coach and having to get £40-£75 taxis instead, to inappropriate touching by consultants, as well as PBL group tension, our first week of secondary care placement was definitely not drama free! But I managed to get through it, so I thank God for that.

As we have now finished our lectures for Year 1, we have four weeks of hospital placement before our OSCEs and written exams, and the first week really flew by! The hospital I’m at is about an hour’s drive away, and we start at 9am, so I’ve been getting up around half 6 everyday. Not going to lie, the first day was really tough (probably had something to do with me only getting 6 hours of sleep…), but when you sleep earlier, you have more energy for the day, who knew?

I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining about early starts- medical students at my university have transportation provided for free, so we’re quite lucky in comparison to other healthcare students, who have to make their own way to placement. And during the drive to and from placement, I’ve been managing to get some revision done, so it’s not been too bad.

A highlight of the week was orthopaedic surgery, where I got to watch some hallux valgus corrections and bunion removals, which was quite cool. The surgeon I was with really grilled me on anatomy and carpal tunnel presentation and treatment; he put me on the spot and asked me to draw the brachial plexus! Fortunately, I was able to do it as that was the only upper limb anatomy I really went over during the Easter holidays, phew! Brachial Plexus 0-1 Tai.

Other highlights included going over examinations of the shoulder, hip, knee, cervical and lumbar spine. The consultant who went through that with us was our PBL tutor, so it was a pretty chilled, and very useful session. I’m feeling more confident with the examinations now, so I just need to practise, practise, PRACTISE. Our first aid session was also fun- I now (kind of) know how to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre, so yay for that! Here’s hoping I never have to actually use it in real life…


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