Challenge of the Month: Camping

I’ve never been camping before. I guess I’ve never seen myself as being suited to The Great Outdoors, so it’s not something that’s ever appealed to me. I did do Brownies as a child, but I wasn’t really a good one- the only reason I joined was because we got to wear our uniform to school on Fridays… yeah. I didn’t go to any meetings or get badges, nope, but I still turned up to school in my uniform and called myself a Brownie. In my defence, it was a pretty cool outfit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear a brown beret?

Anyway, camping. My church youth group organised an overnight camping trip last Friday, and when I told them I’d never been camping before, it was decided that I definitely HAD to go.

So how was it? Quite fun, actually! The weather wasn’t great- it was raining when we got to the camp site but we managed to build a shelter and get a fire going. I was taught how to put up a tent as well, not that I could do it on my own if asked, but I have a bit more understanding of how it works, so yay for new experiences!



We had a barbeque, which was yum, and I got to roast marshmallows! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, as it looks fun in films and TV shows, so it definitely lived up to my expectations.


We also had an awesome Bible study on identity, which really spoke to me, as it made me think about what/where my identity comes from, and whether or not it’s foundation is in the word of God, like it should be. Deep stuff!

After Bible Study we played Manhunt in the dark, which was so much fun; I haven’t played that game in years! It brought back some great memories and made me feel nostalgic. We eventually went to sleep, and sleeping in a tent outdoors was actually okay! I’d been advised to bring warm clothes, so I layered up and was toasty in my sleeping bag. I only woke up once during the night, and after putting on more layers, I fell asleep straight away.

In the morning we had breakfast, played more games, then went to a pub down the road for lunch, before heading back home. I was absolutely exhausted, but I’m really glad I went. Would I go camping again? Definitely! I take back all I said about it in the past- The Great Outdoors aren’t so bad when you’re with great people and having a swell time. So for that, I was (and am) very blessed 🙂


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