Module 2 Placement: Week 2

So I thought hand examinations would be one of the easiest stations in our OSCE… boy was I wrong! This week, we learnt how to do a hand examination properly, and it’s actually quite complicated; there’s just so much to do! It’s so complex that the station won’t involve doing everything, as we only have five minutes, and that wouldn’t be enough. So apparently we’re going to be looking/inspecting, feeling or moving the hand, which is a less of a rush. I guess all I can do now is practise, practise, PRACTISE and try not to get overwhelmed by everything. It is well.

As well as hand examination, we had a manual handling session this week, which was cool because I got to be the patient, and we learnt the correct/safe way to move patients from seats and from the floor.

A highlight of the week was meeting a patient with Duputren’s Contracture! It’s always cool learning about something and seeing it in person; Dupuytren’s is particularly interesting because it causes fixed flexion of the digits due to palmar fascia fibrosis, and Bill Nighy has it!

We also had a teaching session on prescribing and learnt how to fill in drug charts:

Only two weeks of placement left! It’s going so quickly, so that means OSCEs and exams soon, ahhhhhhh…


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