Dealing With Harsh Comments

Today someone told me that people see me as someone who thinks she’s morally above everyone. Apparently I always think my opinion is the right one, am unwilling to listen to others, as well as judgemental, and go around on my moral high horse. Her words really upset me. I cried.

I then started to think that maybe she was right- is that what people really think of me? It’s no secret that I’m a Christian; how I chose to live my life and the decisions I make, are on all based on the example of Christ, and leading a life that glorifies and directs others to Him. So maybe this rubs people the wrong way? If I really do act like I’m better than others and judge them, I’m not doing a good job of following Jesus. So I was really starting to doubt who I was and how people see me.

But I thank God for my wonderful friends and sister, who were great help during my internal struggle. Special mention to Leo, who was honest and gave me a lot to think about- I do tend to say my opinions more when moral issues are brought up, and speaking up isn’t a bad thing, but who I say these opinions to will influence how I am perceived.

So I’m feeling better now. I guess the main lesson learnt from this was that not everyone will have a good opinion of me. My life choices might irritate and annoy some, but the key word here is that they are MY choices. If I really am all she said, that’s her opinion and she’s entitled to it, but I will not let it bring me down or cause me to doubt myself. I know that I don’t judge others or think I’m above people, so I will continue to live my life and ignore what people think of me, because in the end, no one but God’s opinion matters, right?

And that, is how I will deal with harsh comments from now on.


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