I still have the page open because it might stop being real if I go off it, but it’s been over 12 hours later and it still hasn’t changed. Exam results have been released…

Year 1 Results

… I passed everything. Written papers, OSCEs, SSS, Portfolio and Analytical Review. HALLELUJAH!

I didn’t realise how scared I was of not passing until just before I opened my results. I was more anxious than last year, which makes no sense because there was no chance for retakes in foundation year, but it’s possible to retake assessments from year 1 onwards.

I guess I’ve always doubted whether or not I’m actually good enough to be on the course, as passing foundation year didn’t reassure me much. I now know how silly I was for not believing in myself or trusting God- His plans for my future are far greater than I could imagine; so far they’ve led me on the path of becoming a doctor, and I need to stop worrying about whether or not it will all work out. Jesus, take the wheel!

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can freely enjoy the rest of the summer holidays. From now on, I’ll try not to doubt myself so much, and to be more confident in my abilities. Note to future self: Philippians 4:13.

Finally, all I have to say is bring on Year 2! 🙂



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