First Student House: Dos and Don’ts

I did it. I survived a year in my first student house.

Last weekend was spent moving into the house I’m living in next year, and I really can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Moving out of halls was just over a year ago, and now I’m moving into my second student house? Cray.

It’s been a very educative experience, so here’s a Tai Guide To Your First Student House:

– Make sure your housemates are people you get on with, in order to avoid failing outs/arguments later on. Trust me, pick very carefully.

– Create a joint account early on, and sort out how bills (gas, electricity, water, internet etc)  are going to be paid.

– Agree on chores and allocate jobs to people I.e. bins, cleaning the kitchen and toilets, hoovering, checking mail, and so on.

– Have a house notice board to leave messages on, such as honding reminders (see below), and things to buy for the house. A house Whatsapp or Facebook chat works too.

– Two words: House Bonding. I was a big fan of ‘honding’ with my housemates, and organised film nights, house meals, cinema trips and days out. It was always a great chance to take a break from work and catch up with each other.

Ahh, it really has been a good year. Highlights have included being on the news, Burns Night, that time I had to go to Royal mail centre (lol), Radio 1 Big Weekend, going camping for the first time, modelling for KAOS, getting on the committee for next year, and so on.

So all I have left to say is goodbye, number 57. We’ve had good times, and the memories will always remain with me.
number 57


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