Happiness, As Told By Tai

Inspired by Charlie McDonnell and Hank Green, I’ve decided to compose a list of my own favourite feelings/things that make me happy. It’ll be good for future reference whenever I’m feeling down, so here they are:

1. Reading my Bible in bed. I’m trying to be better at making more time to do this, because when I’m not rushed, it’s one of my favourite ways to relax.

2. When someone laughs at something I’ve said because they genuinely found it funny. That’s always nice because it rarely happens… I’m really not funny.

3. The nostalgic feeling I get when I watch High School Musical. It always makes me feel 11 again.

4. Going to the cinema always cheers me up.

5. Whenever friends call or text not to ask for something, but just because they miss me.

6. Hanging out with the guys in their house, eating food Mahan’s made, and laughing till I can’t breathe. Hanging out in Starbucks Gal’s room with her and Bangladeshi Bae also makes me happy.

7. Being at home, and staying up watching TV/films with my siblings. Sibling bonding is the best.

8. Taking a nice, long shower then going into a bed with fresh sheets. Showers > baths #sorrynotsorry

9. Bible Study and socials with my church group. They are such a blessing to me.

10. The smell of Hugo Boss perfume. That has been my mum’s signature scent for years and always reminds me of her.

11. The feeling of being immersed in a really good book, like when you’re in the middle and the plot thickens and you’re like YES.

12. When people remember little things about me that I told them. It’s always nice to know they were listening and actually care about what I have to say.

13. Watching my little brother and cousins play with each other. Their innocence is a heartwarming sight.

14. Singing makes me happy.

15. And finally, nothing beats the joy I feel when I’m going home for Christmas. Being at university has made me realise that that’s my favourite time of the year.

(However, it is worth adding that being sad is okay sometimes too. No one can be happy all the time, and sadness can let people know when you need help.)
sadP.S. My twin sister a.k.a. The Keen One a.k.a Kenny has made a WordPress blog to record her adventures over her year abroad. So if you’re following me, I definitely recommend checking out her blog too; she’s a much better writer than I am!


4 thoughts on “Happiness, As Told By Tai

  1. I concur, especially with the High School Musical point. It brings back so many memories!

    On another note, I’m starting med school in London in just under a month, and I was wondering, having survived first year, whether you have any advice for soon-to-be freshers like me. 🙂

    • Yay, a fellow appreciator of HSM! 😀

      And ooo, how exciting! First of all, massive congratulations on getting in, you’re going to have a great time! I did a post a while ago with advice for first year in general, if you were interested in reading it- https://taiandmedicine.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/a-tai-guide-to-surviving-first-year/

      For med school, my number one advice would be to stay on top of anatomy. I definitely left it till last minute, which wasn’t very smart… so setting time apart every week to through anatomy would be good. I recommend using flashcards 🙂

      It’s also good to try and make friends that aren’t medics; it’s so so easy to only hang out with people on your course, but trust me, non-medic friends are great to have because they’ll be times you’ll want a break from talking about medicine related things.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • HSM was pretty much my life in primary school. I used to recreate the music video to I Don’t Dance with my friends in PE lessons all the time! 🙂 Also, thank you so much for the advice Tai!

      • Hahaha same here, SO much love for HSM! And no prob, looking forward to reading about your med school adventures! 🙂

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