All Hail Queen Tai

Today Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history, but this week another queen’s reign started… mine.

Yupp, as of Monday I’m officially back at university and all moved into my house for the year, exciting times. This house is much better than the one I was in last year because not only is it much closer to campus, it’s also near my church, is bigger, more spacious, and just smells nicer, you know? I’m living with medics for the first time as well, so this should be fun! Lu and Jess are two of my dearest friends too, so having them as housemates this year will be great.

So why am I Queen of the House? Well, first of all I just need to point out that this was totally not my idea! I’m not that narcissistic, trust me, but when Jess suggested it, how could I say no? 😉 I was appointed queen because I volunteered to have the smallest room in the house. Everyone else has a double room, and Bangledeshi Bae even has an ensuite bathroom all to himself, and with no one wanting the small room, I decided to take it.

The room actually isn’t that bad, it’s quite cosy I think, but my housemates felt bad, and came up with the “Tai Conditions” for me having it, and they are as follows:

  1. Tai doesn’t have to do any chores.
  2. Tai can use the dining table in the kitchen to study whenever she wants.
  3. Tai gets bathroom priority in the mornings.
  4. The house will have “Tai Day” every two months on the 14th, and Tai gets to choose what the house does to celebrate. (Bonus points for anyone who can figure out why it’s the 14th)
  5. And finally, Tai is Queen of the House. (I’m not too sure what this entails but it’s still a cool title, right?

So yeah, this year should be… interesting.


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