Module 5 Placement: Weeks 1 & 2

Our consultant has the same name as one of the Starks in Game of Thrones. I was in clinic with him and he said to a patient, “You need to careful, winter is coming.” I kid you not, he said those exact words- Winter is coming. I was the only one who found it funny, and got odd looks for smiling to myself. Sigh.

Anyway, placement is going okay so far. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m one of 8 people in our module in the hospital furthest away from the university, which means waking up at 6:30am to get the 7:30 bus from campus (oh, the pain). Two weeks in and it’s still hard to leave my warm bed in the morning, but at least we get transport there and back, which I know other healthcare students don’t get. So I try not to complain because we medical students really are spoilt.

I’m quite enjoying the respiratory module- our days consist of structured teaching, clinics, history taking and examination practise on wards, and the occasional MDT meeting. Physiology is my everest but getting there slowly! I really didn’t enjoy my time in bronchoscopy though; watching patients freaking out and choking as the camera was put down their throats was awful, so I can’t even begin to imagine what going through the procedure must be like! *shudders*

I can now (sort of) do a chest examination and an arterial blood gas though. ABGs are fun when you get the hang of them:
ABGOne of the best things about placement so far has been getting to know people in my year better. I’m not with anyone in my PBL group, and at first I was quite bummed about that, but it’s given me a chance to talk to people I hadn’t spoken to much in the past, so yay for that šŸ™‚


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