Module 5 Placement: Week 3

Considering the fact that our module lead had to take sudden emergency leave, meaning that a lot of our teaching sessions had to be rearranged or cancelled in some cases, this week hasn’t actually been that bad!

The teaching we did have- pleural effusions and case histories, were really good, and I learnt a lot. Our clinical skills session with SimMan was a lot of fun, as we were given patient simulation scenarios and had to diagnose then manage the patient. Using SimMan is pretty cool and makes teaching more realistic, but I do have to say how creepy I find it when he(?) blinks…

On Monday I went down to the Paediatric ward to find younger respiratory patients, as we’re quite limited in our base ward because most people have COPD. In Paeds I got to speak to the mum of a 7 month old baby with bronchiolitis, and he was just the cutest thing! It was nice to get a paediatric history for a change; so much less complicated with no comorbidities, a very straightforward logbook case 🙂

Thursday’s ward round was very intense- got drilled on chest xray and ABG interpretations, but it was good practise for the OSCE. Got a chance to take an ABG sample from a patient, and it didn’t go very well, unfortunately. I was unable to get any blood, and it was painful for the patient because I kept moving the syringe around. I was just really nervous, and it definitely showed! The patient and doctor supervising me were very nice, which made me feel even worse, but oh welllll. You live and learn, I guess, and practise makes perfect, so I plan to go back to the ward next week and have another go, and it will (hopefully) be fine.

One week of placement to go… Never thought I would say this, but I will be so relieved when we have 9am starts again; this waking-up-at-6am-life is most definitely not for me…


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