Hello From The Other Side

Goodbye, Respiratory module, and HEY, Haematology and Dermatology, a.k.a Haem and  Derm  Dead.

The end of module OSCE was okay- it wasn’t horrific or particularly great if I’m to be honest, it was just… meh. There were six stations (ABG + Oxygen prescribing, Spirometry + Peak Flow interpretation, Chest X-ray interpretation, Respiratory Examination, Consultation Skills, and Logbooks), and overall they weren’t too bad- chest x-rays though… LOL- so praying I’ve done okay!

You’d think we’d get a break after the OSCE but nope, we started our next module the day after. Our first lecture was at 10am, so at least we didn’t have a 9am start? Always good to dwell on the positives.

Our formative SSS presentation is next Wednesday; my chosen theme is Genetics, and my topic compares different haemophilia treatments to see which one causes reduced adverse effects. I have a week to get it under 7 minutes, and I haven’t even run through it once yet, so it’d probably be a good idea to get started on that…


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