House Hunting Hindrance Results In Happiness 

It started in November. I was supposed to live in a house of three but one person pulled out and then there were two.

Someone else asked to live with us and all seemed sorted, but he pulled out too, and oh boy were we gutted.

Two more then joined our rejected duo, bringing us up to four. We went to viewings and searched for houses, but couldn’t come to an agreement. So off the other two went… And we were back to square one, with just two yet again.

This brings us to last week; we were discussing our predicament, wondering what we were to do, when someone popped up out of the blue and said, “If you need a third, I could live with you?”

“Sorted!” We thought, but this time, a back up plan. If we couldn’t find a house that met our requirements by Friday, then split up we would, as surely we’d have done all that we could.

It is now Friday, so what has happened? Well we couldn’t find a house, and things appeared bleak, but I’ve finally found the stability I seek! A group of four lovely girls in my year, were looking for someone to join them, and said if I needed a house, I’d be welcome in theirs, no problem!

Okay, enough rhyming now. Long story short, my housing woes are sorted and I’m so relieved! Who knew deciding who to live with could cause so much drama? Last term, I focused a lot on the negative side of all this, and that made me really sad, and it was the perspective of someone uninvolved with it all that made me see how blessed I am.

“Having the opportunity to hear your different versions of a personal event stirred many thoughts and feelings in me. However, most revealing (for myself!) was the underlying twang of jealousy I felt – jealous of this group, and that you have all found something special and rare in each other. You’re a marvellous example of how friends should be, despite adversity. Such people have eluded me, thus far.”

I may have lost some friends over the last couple of months, but the ones that are left are great and very dear to me, so I think realising that has been the best thing to come out of everything that has happened. Things can now only get better 🙂


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