Challenge of the Month: Going to the Gym

New year, new me? Sort of. I’ve decided to start doing challenges of the month again, because they were a fun way for me to branch out of my comfort zone, and I really enjoyed the majority of them.

So… the gym. I am not a gym person and I never have been. I play netball and go for runs occassionally, but I don’t really frequent the gym. In fact, in the nearly 3 years it’s been since I started university, this month was my first time in our campus gym. I find it very intimidating, and what always stopped me from going was the fear of being laughed at for being such a n00b, so I decided to face my fear.

But ofcourse, I wasn’t going to go on my own! I needed a trainer, someone who could push and motivate me to keep going. With this in mind, I messaged one of the most dedicated gym people in my year (I’ll call her York Girl), and she kindly agreed to show me the ropes, so we agreed to work on abs on Tuesdays, and biceps and back on Wednesdays.

How did it go? Well, after our abs sessions I struggled to get out of bed for days afterwards… yup, pretty intense! We did Russian twists, bicycle kicks, planks, suspended crunches, leg raises and heel touches- I was so SO bad at the bicycle kicks, that we decided that maybe sit ups would be a better idea for me, and they were! I managed to do 30 in one go, so that was a proud moment.

Biceps and back days involved bicep curls (only managed to get up to 8kg lol), lattisimus dorsi pulldowns (managed to get up to 9kg), bench rows (climbed up to 10kg), and back crunches with weights, but had to go down to 8kg because I really struggled! So weak… but A+ for effort, right? Just look at that determination:


Ahh, it’s been a good challenge! I’ve decided that I’d like to carry on going to the gym once or twice a week to keep working on my abs and back; it really is addictive! Shout out and massive thank you to York Girl for being so patient with me, it’s been a lot of fun 🙂


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