Challenge of the Month: Paintballing

It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I was told getting hit would be really painful, and some people even said it would probably make me cry (really, guys, really?), but it was quite okay!

We played 6 games, and I was really nervous before the first one because the opposing team looked like pros- some even brought their own gear, so we could tell these were people who knew their stuff. I got into it more after the first few games; I managed to only get shot three times, so that was quite an accomplishment. I even rolled military style during one game and ended up getting quite muddy but #noregrets.

I did get shot in the same spot on my hand twice, and that still stings a bit now, because it was cold when we went- getting hit when your hands are stiff is not fun at all.

Would I go again? YES. And next time I’ll go with a larger group of my friends, because I reckon it’ll be even better with more of us 🙂Paintballing


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